Car Shipping to or from the country of Guam
Through our network of liners, we can move your vehicle(s) from and to any landlocked state in the USA. So don't worry about getting your vehicle to the coast, because on top of our already existing carrier network, we're always adding more routes. So rest assure, Fidelity can handle all your vehicle shipping needs.

Even greater news, if you're doing an entire move, we're not just limited to vehicles either!

We have a customized service for our customers relocating to Guam and visa versa to help keep you and your families minds at ease. We offer a variety of relocation services to Guam and its many islands.

What is it that Fidelity Auto Shipping can offer you?

Ours service and locations for Guam shipping.

Fidelity, through its network, has offerings to a number of neighboring islands, and services available to service your shipment needs to and from Guam. Whether household goods, general commodities, oversize equipment, machinery, and of course, vehicles.

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Shipments to neighboring islands.

Fidelity also services all the other islands within Guam with major ports through our dedicated neighboring island fleet.

Some of these locales that Fidelity is able to provide continuing service is to: Saipan, Yap, Chuuk, Kosrae, Majuro, and many others. The eastbound service is available from the islands directly to the West Coast.

Because of our extensive experience we know you're going to love us. Give us a call +1-877-234-SHIP for more information.

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Customized Services

When shipping your household goods, or freight to and from Guam, it has to go into a container. When shipping a vehicle however, there are two options available. Fidelity predominately offers Roll-on/Roll-off services, but we also have container shipping as well for multiple vehicle moves and goods.

For containers and non-containerized shipments, Fidelity offers the following: Yard to Yard services, Local Drayage, Complete inter-modal shipments, General Freight and Commodities,

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Transport from and to the Mainland

By utilizing Fidelity's proprietary technology and carrier network, we're able to simplify the entire logistics process. What does this mean?

Quite simply, no matter where your vehicle is located in the USA, we can get it moved from it's original location and sent to the islands of Hawaii-- and the best part? It's all in one simple call. You just provide your rep the addresses and we take care of the rest.

Still not convinced? Contact Us for more information, or read some of our FAQs below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the questions below to read their corresponding answers. Any other questions you have please contact us and we'd be happy to assist you.

Ready to move?

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  • Can I ship my items in my vehicle?
    No you cannot. Anyone telling you authorized will get your personal items abandoned on the mainland. The reason for this is due to Hawaii's fragile ecosystem. Due to this, all vehicles that arrive at the ports are pressure washed and all items left will be confiscated and held at their respective port origins. Do not place personal items in your vehicle because the USDA will not permit it.
  • How long is the transit time for shipping?
    Generally it takes 4 - 11 days depending on which island you are sending your vehicle to. For example, Los Angeles CA to Honolulu typically will take 4 days, whereas Hilo will take 6.
  • I currently have lien on my vehicle from my bank can I still transport it?
    Depending on the lien holder, some will not permit you to move the vehicle to another state without their explicit permission. You will need to get a letter for us to give to the port authority. If you do not own your title, make sure to let your lien holder know you plan on moving it.
  • My vehicle is modified, are there extra costs?
    If your vehicle has a lift kit, over-sized tires, wheel chair lifts etc. Please let your representative know what the added dimensions and/or weight added are so we can give you a proper quote. Pictures help as well.
  • Do you ship RVs, Boats, Machinery etc.?
    We sure do, to accurately quote you, please call us so we can better assist you.
  • Do you ship vehicles that do not run?
    Inoperable vehicles can be shipped to and from Hawaii, we do have the capability and tools to facilitate your transport. You will need to inform your rep whether the vehicle steers, rolls, and brakes so we can provide you with an accurate quote.