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Welcome to our Payables System. Here you can upload your documents directly to us, or you can request a fax confirmation.

Fidelity is always working hard to provide its vendors and customers the best possible service by leveraging the added convenience of technology to make the our processes a breeze. Please continue on to get started.

Dispatch Services

Need Help?

Let Fidelity assist you in getting your loads in order so you can keep moving without the headaches.

With a dedicated dispatcher we'll make sure to get your billings sent out on time and loads setup in advance. So contact our office and speak with one of our dispatch managers for more info.



Once you have completed the CARRIER DATABASE form, you are now part of our database. Now you can complete the online form below. This system allows you to upload your B.O.L. directly to us or you can request a fax instead.

NOTE: If you opt for fax, you will receive a cover-sheet from us which you must use in order to receive prompt payment.

This page has been moved, please call dispatch for information.