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Fidelity Auto Shipping services the entire United States of America including Alaska, Hawaii, and much more. Please continue to see all the services we offer and methods of shipping Fidelity specializes in.

What we do and what we're capable of moving

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Classic and vintage vehicles require special handling. Most frames and bodies of older vehicles are all metal, which means repairs can be costly. Shipping vehicles that are 25 years or older require experience. Some have special start-up sequences that only a knowledgeable associate of Fidelity is capable of handling. Fidelity has handling requirements for classic vehicles to make sure clients are covered.
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We understand that some vehicles must be shipped completely covered to avoid dirt and damage. We have several clients every week transporting vehicles in enclosed trailers. Our enclosed trailers utilize wheel straps and lift-gates to assure careful handling. In addition to this, all vehicles are insured up to their value to safeguard against any unlikely events of damage or loss. Fidelity's enclosed service is top notch in the industry.
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We offer drive-away services for boat and jet-ski trailers. We are familiar with the process required and have the proper equipment to handle shipping boats not just on land but by sea as well. In the even you need to ship a yacht, please contact our sales department so we can assist you accordingly. We can also transport your vessels cross-border if need be.
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We offer special flat-deck, and deep well trailers to move your over-sized cargo. Procuring permits for state lines and crossing is something Fidelity can assist with, in the event special permits are required by the US DOT. Over-sized cargo would be that of which exceeds typically 8' 6" feet in width (2.6m), or exceeds weight restrictions. This can be head-duty vehicles, or even machinery.